(New) Watkins GFCI, 20Amp / 115/120 Volt Plug

SKU: Leviton GFCI, 20Amp / 115/120 Volt Plug

 Leviton GFCI, 20Amp / 115/120 Volt: Hot Spring, Tiger River & Solana
20 AMP, 115 Volt GFCI. The GFCI serves an important purpose in any electrical circuit. It provides protection against current leakage to ground, which can cause an electrical shock or in extreme cases, death. For this reason GFCI’s must always be properly installed and never be removed our altered. A Class A GFCI, which is attached to the spa's power cord, protects 115 Vac spas.

Includes GFCI (no cord). Use on all HotSpring, Tiger River, and HotSpot (sorrento) 115 Volt, 20 AMP spas. If you need the cord, we list this in our store as well -- the GFCI & Power Cord Combo
70996 Watkins

Price: $49.99