Heating Element

SKU: SK239174

Spa Heater Element 4.0 kW 240 volt. Fits most Flo-thru hot tub heaters. Incoloy 800 sheath provides superior corrosion resistance, along with epoxy potting top and bottom for the ultimate in protection. Features large O-Rings for sealing on imperfect surfaces, such as found in replacement applications. Features very easy to install dimensions, for difficult style housings. 9.9 inch overall length. 624402 with an added bend at tip for extra clearance in heater housings where element is in close proximity to pressure switch threads. Shown with 2 SS clips, and is packaged in bulk. 240V 4000W SPACOMP 04 Spa Heating Element by Spa Components. Available individually boxed. fits B24040 heaters and many others

Price: $75.00