SKU: SL29474

Millenium hot tub blowers
(manufactured by CG Air)
Manf. # ME-750-120-60 Identical to ME-120/60 and 045-6111
36in. cord w/amp plug
Adaptability: The Millenium is small and light
Tranquility: The Millenium motor rubber mounts absorb 95%
of the motor vibration
Performance: Twice as powerful as a conventional blower
Memory: The Millenium blower can use a wide variety of air
or electronic controls
Quietness: The silencer integrated on the Millenium reduces
noise to a minimum
4 pin amp 36in. cord
This blower works on all pipe sizes from 1in. to 2in. pvc. Due to
it’s internal design standard replacement air blower motors should
not be used on this Millenium Blower.

Price: $75.00